I work with video games, consoles, handhelds, headsets, controllers, and much more. As a journalist I accept gigs that involve article writing, interviewing, product reviews, game comparisons, news articles, etc.

I have been playing video games for over fifteen years. I play on everything, from retro games to the latest-gen consoles. Additionally, I have experience with many genres and even different players themselves.

If you have a need for video game research, review, or writing, contact me! We can figure it out easily, and I will work hard to meet your deadline with time to spare. The contracting process is painless and fairly simple. I look forward to working with you!


As a gamer, I especially love RPGs (role playing games) like Golden Sun, Bravely Default, Final Fantasy, and Xenoblade Chronicles. I also love Spyro the Dragon, mostly for the nostalgia that comes from playing it when I was a kid, but also because it’s an awesome game!

Anything from the era of NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) to VR and AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality), I love it. I may not own every console (I wish I did though!), but I still have a love for all gaming systems.

For example, a few months ago I found an old N64 (Nintendo 64) system in my dad’s closet. He’d forgotten about it and said I could have it. What an awesome day! I’d never played on a N64 before (just SNES), but I was so excited to add the console to my collection. Now I just need to find some games to play on it…


I am an enthusiastic gamer, but gaming is not all I do. I also love archery, hiking, running, reading, eating ice cream,  watching superhero movies/TV shows, writing, hanging out with my beautiful fiancee, and much more.


I started as a Freelance Journalist in November 2016. I know this makes me somewhat new to the field, but I am a hard worker and strive to provide my clients with what they need.

I chose the field of Video Games because it is a topic I can relate to and can easily write about. Video Game Journalism may not be all fun and games (well it is all games, but you know what I mean!); it takes hard work and strong writing skills. Despite this, I still try to have as much fun with my work as I can!