My name is Ammon Hansen, and I am both a Video Game Journalist and a Video Game Developer.

As a Developer, I am currently working on creating a game I call ‘The Red Key’. I hope to have it completed soon, and you will then be able to purchase it from this website. Eventually I hope to get it on Steam.

As a Journalist, I write many types of articles: game, console, and peripheral reviews; news articles; first impression articles; opinion pieces; lists; and much more.

I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities to learn, grow, earn, and have fun. I look forward to working with you!

Read more about me by visiting my About page.

Be sure to check back soon and see what’s new!


Current Projects

Currently, I am working on a complete walkthrough for Conan Exiles (PC/Steam, PS4, Xbox One), to be posted on GameFAQs. I hope to finish soon, so come back and read the finished guide in a week or two!

I am also working on a complete walkthrough for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo 3DS). This is a huge project and will take some time, as in addition to the main story, weapons, collectibles, etc., there are nearly 500 side quests.

In the near future I am starting a YouTube channel, ‘Gamer Manual’, where I will be covering gaming news, reviewing games and gaming products, and posting Let’s Play videos. Check it out soon!

Check back for any other new content (I am also reviewing several games and products, writing news articles, opinion pieces, etc.).