Review of Rimworld (PC/Steam)

You’ve crashed onto a primitive planet, a rimworld. Your three colonists and their dog are hurt and alone, and they need to find food and shelter. It is up to you to take command, telling your colonists what to do: mine, hunt, cook, research, collect lumber, build, and much more.

In this survival world-builder, Rimworld is simple in its design, yet surprisingly challenging. You face a large number of obstacles in this world, one right after another. Crazed animals will attack you, rival colonies will invade, your colonists will get sick, hungry, depressed, etc. Developed by Ludeon Studios and released in 2013, I was given a copy of the game to review by the developers.

These trials are well thought-out, and are difficult to overcome. Your colonists are needy, and they want nice things. A cold, dark house will make them depressed, and they need time off from working to take a break, sleep, or eat. Not giving them the opportunity to do this will make them short-tempered and sick, and they will eventually collapse of exhaustion or starvation.

Your end goal is to build a spaceship and leave the planet, but it will take a lot of time and effort to get to this point. You have to survive until then, and this will distract you from your goal for quite some time. Eventually you will get to a point where things are manageable, and you can get the research needed to build a ship done, but things will always go wrong before long.

Regardless of these challenges, Rimworld is an amazing and fun game. I fell in love with it immediately, and I stayed up late many nights just to play it for ‘a little while longer’. It is addicting and deep, and while I made a lot of mistakes, I also had a lot of fun. Rimworld easily takes the cake as my favorite PC/Steam game, and has a spot in my top ten favorite games of all time.

With fun graphics, peaceful music, and awesome sound effects, Rimworld sets the standard for world-building games. It is complex, challenging, and fun, despite the annoyance of the endless disasters that befall your colony and its residents. I can guarantee you will be playing it again and again over the years, and I highly recommend it.

Do you have what it takes to leave your rimworld planet? Or will you be stuck forever, simply gazing up at the stars with fond memories of your true home? Find out now in Rimworld, available on Steam.

Ludeon Studios provided us with a review copy of Rimworld

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