Review of Prey (PC/Steam, PS4, Xbox One)

Ever wanted to shove a needle in your eye to give yourself alien superpowers? Obviously. You think about it every night before you go to sleep, right?

In Arkane Studios’ game Prey, with Typhon DNA and a neuromod, you do just that. Your family’s company has recently developed these neuromods, and are testing them in their Talos 1 facility. The problem is, Talos 1 is in space…and the aliens you have been studying just launched a coup…and they’re winning.

As Morgan Yu, you awaken with no memory of the past few months. Your brother Alex and a large number of scientists are aboard the facility, and have been studying the neuromods alongside you. One small, important fact: they’ve also been testing them on you. With your consent, of course.

A neuromod maps your brain, and rewires it to give you certain skills and abilities. Using them, you can learn to play the piano, dance, or speak French. However, by mapping the brains of the Typhon, an alien race discovered in the twentieth century, you and your company have discovered that you can learn a variety of other abilities, including telekinesis, shape-shifting, and control of the elements.

These will each be useful skills, as you are a one man army against the invasion of your ship. Dozens of people are dead, dozens are hiding, and dozens more are being controlled by the Typhon, luring you in to kill you.

In this open-world first-person shooter, you collect various items, perform countless tasks, and use weapons to fight off the powerful Typhon. Using the ships recyclers and 3D printers, you can disassemble and create a large number of useful tools. Eventually you will even gain access to the plan for neuromods, allowing you to create them for yourself. But don’t get too excited: you still need to find the materials required to build them.

With easy to learn controls, you explore the ship and learn via your personal operator (a robot) what you must do to stop the invasion. He tells you that you planned earlier (before losing your memory) to blow up the ship. Humans and Typhon both. He pushes you to do this, but as you play, you may realise that there is another way…

With various challenges and side quests to complete along the way, Prey provides a fantastic soundtrack. With stunning graphics and sound effects, this game is top-notch. It has an incredible story, and a unique value and charm. You will likely find yourself playing it again and again over the years.

Prey is an amazing game. It is challenging, fun, and has a lot of things to do. Although it can be easy to get lost and miss items, and it can take a while to finish every side quest, I still highly recommend it. It was surprisingly fun and addicting, and I know you will be hooked once you start.

So, will you pick up a gun and hunt…or be hunted? Start playing and find out who the prey really is…the Typhon…or the humans?

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