Review of Slender: The Eight Pages (PC/Steam)

He has no eyes…but is always watching you. Sound familiar? I recently played Slender: The Eight Pages as part of my recent horror game binge. If you’ve never heard of it, or simply never played it, read on to find out why you should.

Slender: The Eight Pages is the original Slenderman game, developed in 2012 by Parsec Productions. Based off of the internet phenomenon Slenderman, the game has one simple goal: collect the eight pages.

These eight pages are scattered at randomly generated locations in a forest. One page may be on a truck, another on a silo, and another may be hidden inside of a building. There is no time limit, but there is one catch: you need to collect all of the pages and escape before the Slenderman catches you.

Slenderman is a tall, well dressed man with no face. He has long limbs, and usually is depicted with tentacles. He can influence electricity (such as your camera), teleport, and if you look at him for too long, or get caught by him, you will die, and you will be forced to start over with zero pages. The game will reset and the pages will be generated at different locations.

Simple in its design, avoiding Slender can be surprisingly tough at times. The further into the game you get, the more aggressive he is in following you. If you aren’t careful, you may turn a corner and run right into his waiting arms.

The music in Slender: The Eight Pages is perfect, as it slowly builds up the tension as you play. The more pages you collect, the more tense the music is. This adds to the creepiness of this now classic horror game.

The sound effects are great as well. A seemingly soul-vibrating sound will play when you find Slender, and your camera/screen may start to build up static. I feel that this really adds to the experience, as it makes everything that much scarier.

Slender: The Eight Pages is an indie game made on the Unity Engine, and I personally think that the developers did a great job in creating and designing the game. Detail isn’t really necessary for this game, but they did a great job with the grass, sky, forest, buildings, etc. For an indie game, it looks fantastic!

The Eight Pages is a game you can play again and again, and you will always have an immersive experience. Although over time you will get better at avoiding Slender (and thus the game will be easier), it will always be a fun horror game to pick up and play, especially with a group of friends.

As the game that started it all, Slender: The Eight Pages deserves a place in the library of any gamer, especially if they like horror games. Every gamer should try it at least once, and most will find themselves hooked. Great to play alone or with a group, this game is fun, scary, and is likely to make you jump at least once.

Do you have what it takes to collect the eight pages?

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