First Impressions of Highrisers (PC/Steam)

What would you do if the world came to a sudden end? If you fought for your life every night, desperate to see the light of another dawn? If you were afraid to sleep for fear of never waking up again?

This article provides a look at Highrisers, a PC game in early access. It is planned for a release in late 2017, and provides a summary of the story and gameplay, and a look at the graphics and sound.

I wrote this article for Early Access Gaming (, and I do not allow publication without my permission.

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By Ammon Hansen     December 23, 2016

Check back in January for additional information! I’ll be interviewing Nico Grupp, co-founder of Solar Powered Games, one of the main developers of Highrisers.

The cover image is taken from Solar Powered Games:

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