First Impressions of Highrisers (PC/Steam)


What would you do if the world came to a sudden end? If you fought for your life every night, desperate to see the light of another dawn? If you were afraid to sleep for fear of never waking up again?

Developed by Solar Powered Games, Highrisers places you in this situation. Set in the near future, people around the world are unexplainably transforming into strange black monsters, nicknamed Dreamers, and the calamity appears to be unstoppable. True to any zombie apocalypse, these creatures each have something in common: they advance upon and attack those who have not yet been infected.

The Dreamers seem to dislike the light, and in a world full of skyscrapers, they congregate in the streets and the lowers levels of buildings. But in the dark of night, the monsters climb higher…where they face off against our heroes.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. Highrisers is an urban survival RPG, where the player controls four characters that work desperately to survive. These characters can scavenge for food or supplies, build weapons, grow crops, research medicine and other useful fields, and much more.

The graphics are reminiscent of the 16-bit era, which is a good fit for the gameplay. Additionally, the music and sound effects complement the game nicely, giving the feel of a true survival game.

Based on everything I’ve learned about the game so far, I am impressed. The developers seem to have thought of everything and provide a good balance; the game is complex enough to require a strategy, yet easy enough that players will quickly learn what to do.

The zombie apocalypse theme is fun, and I feel that the specific style found within Highrisers is original. I’m excited to try it out, to learn more about the Dreamers, the main characters, and see what will become of them. Will they survive? Is there a hope for a new life outside the city, to rebuild and start again? Just like a good movie trailer, we are left with a lot of questions, and the perfect amount of answers to keep us curious.

I especially like the fact that the four players work endlessly to prepare for the next attack. It’ll be fun to turn the building into a fortress, to fight with interesting weapons pieced together from salvaged parts.

Of course, scavenging and fighting aren’t the only parts of Highrisers, but they are the parts I’m looking forward to the most. However, I am still interested to see how the research and design aspects of the game will turn out. What combination of developed skills will save the day?

In the end, I feel that Highrisers has great potential. I know that the developers will work hard to make their creation perfect for their players, to give back to the gaming community that supported them in making their dream a reality. Because of this, and the straightforward strategy of the game, I feel it will go far. But most importantly I believe it will be a great game, and a great addition to any collection. I look forward to playing Highrisers in the future, and to see what else Solar Powered Games will develop!

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